Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm Still Looking Up...

Cardigan- H&M
Shorts- New Look
Tights- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Top- Primark
Ring- Gift
Finally this week has almost come to a rather quick end. And for me this is good news as the end of this week marks the beginning of a blissful and peaceful two week break. It's a nice thought realising that you have two weeks ahead of you to do whatever you want...needless to say that will involve some sort of shopping at one point. There are numerous things that I probably should be doing over the holidays but I'm not even going to pretend that they will get done before the last minute.It's a huge flaw of mine leaving work until the last minute and has got me in many a stressful situation but still I refuse to learn my lesson and the laziness continues. Perhaps one day I will learn... lets hope that day comes before I fail all my exams.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pastel Pink...

Jeans: Gap

And the good weather continues. With this unusual weather I feel the need to spend every spare second outside soaking up the sun that is so rare in this country. Unlike Europeans we Scots do not take the sun for granted and I couldn't help laugh at the outfits that people had chosen today. The shorts were out as were the strapless tops and even a few burnt shoulders were on show. People had dusted off their flip flops and sunglasses and ice cream sales must have risen by at least 100%. But I can hardly blame them because we all know that this is our summer and we need to make the most of it. Come July/August the clouds and rain will have settled over this country and we will all be cancelling our rather optimistic plans to go to the beach and wishing we had booked a holiday somewhere a bit more tropical...even if it was just the south of England.
This outfit I'm posting today is not what I wore today but an outfit I sported at the weekend. I love these jeans so much and you can't see in the pictures but they are ankle grazers. I spent weeks looking for the perfect pair of pink jeans as I was extremely fussy about the colour. It was down to pure chance that I happened to walk past gap and spot these on the day that they were offering 30% off denim!

The Sun Has Got His Hat On...

Jeans:New Look

This is practically unheard of in Scotland. Three days of glorious sunshine and warmth. For the first time in ages I have been able to exit my house wearing a t-shirt... and I didn't even feel the need to take a cardigan in case of a sudden chill. Of course it's not due to last with my ipod kindly reminding me of the plummeting temperatures due this weekend and even forecasting snow although I'm not convinced the change in temperature will be that drastic.
With the weather being as summer like as we get in Scotland I decided to hunt out a top I had bought for spring this year. I think it is a very clever top ( if a top can be such a thing). It combines two of this seasons trends in one: pastel and sporty. The rounded neck and meshing give it that sporty feel especially when I teamed it with plimsolls and it is a rather nice pastel green colour. In fact it reminds me of mint ice cream perfect for this blazing heat. I was a bit boring though and just wore it with a pair of pale blue jeans.

Start of something new...

A blog. A diary. An account. A personal recollection. I've not quite decided what this is but I do know that it is somewhere for me to record outfits and write posts...or rather ramble. I suppose I should say why I have started a blog, what it will contain and perhaps introduce myself.
Firstly I have decided to attempt to write a blog because I would like to improve my writing skills (what little skill there is) and I hope one day to become a journalist and well, everyone has to start somewhere.
What will this blog contain? Goodness knows. I do intend to write about fashion and post outfits but if I am honest I'm not very good and sticking to things so I may go a little of subject sometimes...most of the time.
Lastly my name is Cara, I am sixteen and I live in Scotland. I live in a rural town and I enjoy photography and of course shopping. What can I say I am just your average teenager really with dreams and ambitions of conquering...something. What that something is though waits to be seen but whatever I decide to do I intend to work hard and do something worthwhile with my life.

Cara x