Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Black and Gold

Top- Primark
Skirt- Ebay
Cuff- H&M
Shoes- Primark
Yet again I have been such a bad blogger! This time however I am armed with excuses. The main one being school. I am on my second week back and already it has been hectic and stressful. Also everything just seems to be happening at once, last week I was at a Coldplay concert (amazing) and tomorrow my brother is carrying the Olympic torch all very exciting.
However there is one thing that isn't occupying me at the moment and that is my boyfriend. Yes I have become second football. Even when I convince him to switch the T.V off I get a pleading look every half an hour begging me to let him check the score. All I can say is I can not wait until this year of sport is over.
One last thing this outfit came to under £30 which is quite impressive for me considering I usually don't think twice about spending £30 on the one item.